Chad Takes Three Black Dicks

September 22nd, 2010

Black Machines

Chad had been working delivering pizzas for the past two years, it wasn’t his ideal job but it definitely got the bills paid while he finished his college degree. Once in a while though, Chad ran in to some pretty crazy clients and when he walked in to a three bedroom apartment last week he had no idea how crazy things were going to get. When he came to the door one of the guys answered with a towel wrapped around his waist and asked him to come in while he went to get cash. Chad wasn’t sure but he walked in anyway to wait.

As he stepped through to the livingroom though he saw two huge black guys laying on the couch completely naked with fat dicks in their hands. Chads eyes lit up, he’d never seen such huge juicy cocks before and he wanted desperately to taste them. Just as he was staring, the guy that answered the door came in and lay next to the other two guys and invited Chad to the “buffet.” Chad was so nervous, he’d never tasted a big fat black dick before but he just couldn’t help himself!

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