Reynaldo Takes A Black Dick

September 23rd, 2010

Black Seducer

Reynaldo had just moved out on his own and while he loved his new apartment he didn’t know anyone yet and was a little bit lonely in the huge apartment building all alone. That loneliness faded pretty quickly though when Reynaldo’s neighbor Derek invited him over for a few drinks one night. Reynaldo had no idea what to expect but he knew it would be fun to get to know someone from the building so he went along with a six pack in hand, ready to make new friends.

When he walked in to Derek’s house he had no idea what he was walking in to but just a few hours and a couple of drinks later he found out! As he took the last drink from his beer bottle Reynaldo felt Derek brush his hand over his cock. Reynaldo wasn’t sure what to do but he could feel his dick growing harder and soon the two of them were doing something Reynaldo had never dreamed of before. Reynaldo was bent over and was taking Derek’s fat black dicck deep in to his tight puckered asshole. He knew it was taboo but he also knew that it felt really good!

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