Chubby Tease Gets Pounded

September 26th, 2010

Chubby Go Bad

Hannah has always been a chubby girl and she just can’t get enough of teasing chubby lovers with her delicious curves. When Hannah met up with her newest fuck buddy she just happened to notice him looking at him from across the room and when she smiled at him he came over and started hitting on her. Not being one to waste the chance of a good fuck Hannah invited him back to her place for ”coffee” but the two of them knew just what they were going to her place for and it didn’t take long for them to get down to business as soon as that front door was closed!

Hannah perched on the edge of the bed and kept her eyes on her new friend while she lifted up her top and flashed her chubby titties. Slowly but surely she stripped off and as she lay here with all of her sexy curves showing she saw her new friends cock get harder than ever. Beckoning him over she took out that fat dick and slipped it between her lips and ran her tongue along the head of his dick. She rubbed her hand up and down that shaft until she just couldn’t wait to feel him inside her.

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