Talia Gets DP’d

September 27th, 2010

Crazy DP

Talia has always been the type of girl who is game for just about anything, especially when it comes to having fun in the bedroom! This kinky brunette hottie is ready and willing to take a dick just about anywhere she can get one and she doesn’t draw the line at just one dick either! So when her boyfriend suggested that they invite his best friend over for a little fun she just couldn’t say no and that very night she found herself laying on the bed naked staring at two thick throbbing cocks, wondering just where she was going to put them!

It didn’t take much wondering from Talia because as her boyfriend spread her legs wide to slip his cock inside her tight hole and she felt how good it was she begged to have another fat dick shoved deep in to her tight pussy as well! She couldn’t believe that she was actually taking two dicks in her pussy at once but she was and she had to admit that it was the best feeling she’d ever had…that is until she took one dick in her tight slit and another in her puckered asshole!

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