Larry Gets His Ass Pounded

September 30th, 2010

Cum From The Ass

Larry and Sammy had been friends for a while and they both knew that they liked each other but neither of them had ever chanced saying anything to the other one. One day a few weeks ago though the two of them had had a few drinks and they put a movie in and then it didn’t take long for things to start sparking up between the two of them. At first it just started with soft touching and then Larry leaned over and pressed his lips against Sammy’s neck and reached down to feel that massive cock start to grow under his touch.

It wasn’t long after they started fooling around that Larry found Sammy’s lips wrapped around his cock and he couldn’t help himself from fucking those delicious wet lips. As Sammy sucked and licked the shaft of his dick Larry started begging him to fuck his tight puckered ass and Sammy…well Sammy just couldn’t say no! As Larry spread his legs he felt Sammy slip the tip of his cock between those puckered ass cheeks and he had never imagined that it could feel so amazing but it truly did and the harder Sammy pushed in to that sweet ass the better Larry felt!

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