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Francis Has A Kinky Four Cock Orgy!

October 31st, 2010

Black Machines

Francis had invited a few of his friends over for a get together but little did he realize that the get together was going to turn in to a lot more than just a few beers. Francis was already a little tipsy by the time his buddies showed up and it didn’t take more than a few more drinks to get the guys all in the mood for a little more fun.It all started when Francis backed up in to Jerome’s dick and felt how hard it already was as it rubbed against his ass. Francis turned around to ask him what was going on but before he knew it the others had carried him in to the bedroom and thrown him on to the bed!

Francis had no idea what was going on as he lay there and the guys staripped him off! One by one the guys pulled off their clothes too and Francis was looking straight at three massive cocks just aching for him. He couldn’t help his cock getting rock solid as he watched them all drooling over him. Soon Francis was laying there with a big fat dick in his ass!

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Katie Has Fun With Two Fat Cocks!

October 30th, 2010

Bisex Planet

Katie had invited a couple of her friends over to enjoy a barbecue and try out her new patio funirture but she had another plan in mind as well. Katie had been fucking Kyle on and off for a year and she had suggested to him that she thought Danny would be a great lay. Kyle agreed that he thought Danny was smoking hot and that he would even consider fucking him too and that’s all it took. Katie invited the both of them over for a little food and a lot of fucking!

Things got off to a slow start but as everyone started to sip on their drinks they started to get more and more relaxed. Katie brushed her hand over Danny’s cock and asked if he wanted to fuck her and Danny said yes faster than you have ever heard before. Well Katie stripped and spread her legs and as she felt Danny’s dick pressing against her bare ass she saw Kyle strip off and lay behind Danny. Danny didn’t flinch, instead he leaned back and moaned so loud that Katie knew that Kyle had just slid his cock deep inside Danny’s tight ass!

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Ilsa And Jane Get Naughty Together

October 29th, 2010

Bet On Lesbian Sex

Ilsa and Jane met a few months ago when they were both shopping at the same store. The two of them seemed to hit it off well and Ilsa told Jane that she was looking for a new roommate if she was looking. With that it wasn’t long before the girls were living together and while they both felt the sexual tension between them neither one of them wanted to be the one to make the first move. Then one weekend when the two of them were looking through a magazine together they both made a comment on a pair of panties that a girl was wearing and that was all it took.

Soon Ilsa had her shirt up around her titties and Jane was leaning over to slip that soft perky titty out of her bra. As Jane brushed her tongue softly against that nipple she felt her pussy getting wet. She had dreamed about this moment for as long as she had known Ilsa and it was so much better than she imagined. As she sucked that soft pink nipple she began to ache to taste Ilsa’s sweet shaved pussy as well!

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Chaz Has Some Barebacking Fun

October 28th, 2010

Bareback Mania

Chaz had never even seen Jeff before but when they met at a mutual friend’s Halloween party the two of them got to talking and realized that they actually had quite a lot in common. The more they talked the more they drank and soon enough all inhibitions went out of the window and the two of them started to get a little more touchy feely than usual! At first they just touched softly but after a drink or two more the two of them found themselves upstairs in one of the bedrooms stripping each other butt naked!

They just couldn’t stop themselves and as Chaz rubbed his throbbing cock against Jeff’s juicy ass he knew that the two of them were going to have a lot of fun to be remembered! Chaz rubbed the tip of his dick against Jeff’s tight asshole and he felt Jeff pushing back, begging to take that dick deep in his ass. Finally with one last push Chaz felt his cock pop inside that tight ass and he couldn’t begin to explain how amazing i felt. As he slowly pushed deeper in to that ass he felt Jeff hold back for just a minute before leaning all the way back on to his dick!

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Mrs. Hunt Gets Her Slit Pounded

October 27th, 2010

Banged Moms

Mrs. Hunt had always been the cool mom in the neighborhood but when her son went off to college and left her alone she started to develop a life of her own. Instead of running around after him and his friends all day she started taking better care of herself and making new friends but one day when some of her sons friends dropped by to see if he was on fall break yet Mrs. Hunt decided to take care of herself in a whole different way!

The college guys were guys she had never met before but she invited them inside to wait for her son knowing that he wouldn’t be home for another two hours. As the guys all filed in she overheard a few of them talking about her titties and when she walked in to the living room after them she pulled off her shirt and flashed them her tits and told them if they wanted something they should just ask! Well when they heard that the guys started asking to see her milfy pussy and when Mrs. Hunt set eyes on all of their throbbing dicks she just couldn’t stop herself from going all the way!

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Luis Teases Cowboy Cock

October 26th, 2010

Bad Cowboys

Luis had been working on the farm for just about as long as he could remember and one of his favorite things to do aside from working was breaking in the new farm hands. Luis got to have a say in who got hired and who didn’t so whenever he interviewed a new farm hand he made sure that he was going to be easy to break in and eager to please. The latest farm hand Julio had seemed only too happy to do anything that Luis wanted and that was just the way that Luis liked them because it made seducing them so much easier!

It didn’t take much convinving to get Julio out to the back and have him suck off Luis’s cock, he seemed to understand that it was part of the interviewing process but he did seem a little surprised when Alfred showed up with his big cock out as well! Julio looked a little confused, he had never faced two dicks at once but he seen figured out exactly how to handle them as he lay on his side with his legs spread and he took Alfred’s cock in his mouth while Luis started to fuck him from behind!

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Brad and Mark Get Hot

October 25th, 2010

All Twinks Here

Brad and Mark had agreed to train together for an upcoming marathon. Neither of them were particularly good runners, in fact neither of them actually liked to run but they thought that it’d be a fun project to undertake together so they set about putting a plan together to start training for their upcoming marathon. The guys made a list of protein shakes that they needed to pick up and they made a gym schedule and then they set to measuring and weighing each other to make a record of their progress. Once that tape measure came out though the guys couldn’t stop themselves from measuring every inch of each others bodies!

Soon the two of them had dropped that tape measure to the floor and they were pressing their lips against each other as they dropped down to the bed laughing. Their big cocks were already throbbing and they couldn’t keep their hands off each other as they rolled around on the bed letting their hands move over every inch of each others bodies. Their breathing came harder and heavier and soon they couldn’t stop themselves as they rubbed each others fat cocks harder and faster.

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Angelina Gets Fucked Hard

October 24th, 2010

World Mature

Angelina’s son had been in college for three years and over that time Angelina had played the good mom taking him and his roommate snacks and care packages all the time. Angelina’s son’s roommate would often come over to her place and meet up with her son to go out and do stuff since her house was a half way point between his job and their dorm room. Well one day when Darren went over to wait for Angelina’s son he got there a full forty minutes early and Angelina ended up keeping him very entertained!

At first the two of them just sat on the couch but then one thing led to another and they started to touch each other, at first it was just teasing but it soon turned in to a lot more. Darren ran his hand up her thigh and she ran her hand over his throbbing cock and within minutes Darren had his fat dick stuffed deep in to her mature pussy. Darren knew that he shouldn’t be fucking her but she certainly knew what she was doing and as she rode his cock he was sure that she was going to make him explode in seconds!

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Sexy Tranny Sucking Black Dick!

October 23rd, 2010

VIP Tranny

Lamar had been working in the pool business for a while but he had never run in to anything like Sandra before. He was going about his business cleaning out the pool and then she came outside and jumped in the pool. He only saw her out of the corner of his eye but when she came up for air he realized that she wasn’t wearing a top and he could see her perky tits! He knew that pretty soon she was going to notice his boner but he had a feeling that she wouldn’t mind and he was right!

Lamar watched as she swam over to him and told him to strip and lay beside the pool. Looking around Lamar made sure that no one else was watching and he did as she said. Before he knew it she had her warm lips wrapped around his humongous dick and she was going to town. Lamar couldn’t believe how amazing her mouth felt around his cock but he had no idea that Sandra was hiding a secret of her own down between her legs! As she sucked his big dick her own shemale cock started to get harder and harder!

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Eric Takes A Fat Cock

October 22nd, 2010

Real Sperm Swap

Eric has never been the kind of guy to pick up dates in bars and he is certainly not the kind of guy to fuck on the first date but when he met Ben at his favorite bar one night he couldn’t help himself. At first the two of them just chatted but as they got to talking and as the night went on they soon found themselves back at Eric’s place and it didn’t take long for the real action to start! At first the two of them acted nervously, they wanted to come across as shy but as soon as their clothes came off all shyness went out of the window!

Eric couldn’t help but slip that big dick of Ben’s between his lips and as he sucked he felt Ben pushing the back of his head to get that dick deeper in to his mouth. Just the thought of tasting his sweet man juice in his throat made him bob his head harder and faster but Ben wasn’t about to let him off that easy! Eric soon found himself butt naked riding that big dick with his tight puckered asshole!

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