Atashi Gets Pounded

October 8th, 2010

Hentai Mania

Atashi had been assigned to work with Dentai for their final project in chemistry class and the two of them had been working together for months. Finally the day before their presentation was due the two of them got together at Atashi’s condo to try and work through everything to make sure that they had everything organized. They had been working for a few hours when Atashi started to yawn. Dentai laughed and asked if she needed a nap and she flashed a smile and told him that no, she just needed something to wake her up.

Dentai knew just the thing to wake her up and as she bent over to lean across the carpet and get something he grabbed her from behind. At first Atashi was shocked, she wasn’t sure what Dentai was doing but then she felt his fat cock rubbing against her panties and she couldn’t help herself. She gave in. She spread her legs and as she took a deep breath she felt Dentai slide his huge cock deep inside her tight wet snatch. She was definitely awake now, she couldn’t believe how great it felt with his cock inside her tight hole!

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