Ivy Gets Teased

October 11th, 2010

Lust Comics

Ivy had been working hard to get the ship back up and running for over a week now and so far she had had no luck. She was tired and her whole body had begun to ache from the manual labor so she decided that she was going to go up to the top deck to get some cool air. When she got up there there was no one to be seen and she had expected as much since everyone was just about as busy as she had been. Looking around she decided to slip out of her clothes and enjoy the breeze over her naked body.

As Ivy lay there completely naked she felt something move beside her and before she could turn around she felt its spines attatch to her sides. She had heard all about the natives of this planet and their insatiable libidos but now that one had its spines in her she had to admit that it turned her on. Every touch made her pussy wetter and she couldn’t stop imagining what it would finally be like once one of them slid a tentacle deep in to her tight wet pussy!

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