Smoking Dick And A Cigarette

November 9th, 2010

Dirty Smokers

Lena loves her cigarettes, in fact there is only one thing that she loves more than smoking cigarettes and that is smoking cock! When Lena first met Andrew at the bar she had no idea that she was about to have the time of her life because Andrew absolutely loved smokers, he loved the way a woman blows that soft stream of smoke out of her lips and more than that he loves the way the smoke feels against his cock! Lena had never been with a guy who loved smoke so much in her life but when she got Andrew back to her place she soon found out just how crazy about smokers he was!

Back at Lena’s place Andrew begged her to lay on the bed and start smoking a cigarette. As she lit up and started to smoke she watched as he stripped off and flashed that huge fat cock. With every puff of that cigarette his cock would grow bigger and soon he was begging her to blow the smoke on his cock. Lena did one better, taking a big puff of smoke she slipped his cock in to her mouth and blew that smoke all over it!

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