Alexander Gets Fucked From Behind!

November 12th, 2010

Gay Cartoon

Alexander and Maurie had been working on an amateur film for a few months but the project had finally come to a standstill since neither of them could come up with a way to finish the story. Each night the two of them would get together and Alexander would hold that cam as Maurie would try his best to come up with something but after a week of coming up with nothing they decided that they really needed to try something new.

Alexander put the camera down on the table and walking over to Maurie he grabbed him from behind. As he ran his hands over Maurie’s chest he let them fall lower until he was touching that fat cock. Alexander felt his cock responding and without any words at all the both of them stripped off and fell to the floor. Alexander grabbed Maurie from behind, his hands moving down to stroke Maurie’s throbbing cock. As he pressed harder against Maurie he felt his cock sliding slowly in to that tight puckered asshole little by little. Maurie pushed back against him and before they knew it the two of them were fucking each other hard and fast!

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