Hiyo And Ija Get Naughty Together

November 15th, 2010

Hentai Mania

Hiyo and Ija were supposed to be working on their final project for school but instead the two of them found a network of secret passages that ran throughout the school grounds and they decided to investigate those instead. It was clear that the passages had been used recently, they weren’t dusty or dirty, instead they were perfectly clean. The girls started exploring them until they found themselves a little lost in one of the secret passages. When they realized that they were lost Hiyo realized that this was her opportunity to seduce her sexy teen friend!

Hiyo pushed Ija up against the wall and slipped her hand between her legs, she could feel her twat getting wetter already through her panties. Hiyo slipped her fingers under those panties and slid them down and then she pushed Ija back and buried her face down inside that tight wet slit. She could taste the sweetness on her tongue and she felt Ija pushing back, riding her tongue and moaning so loud that Hiyo was certain that they’d get caught. Soon the two of them were teasing and fucking each other like crazy!

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    What nice picture … love it!

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