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Oliver and Tim Share Cum!

November 30th, 2010

Real Sperm Swap

Oliver had always known that he loved cock and there was nothing he would do to change that. He loved the feeling he got when he saw a cute guy in speedos and he loved how his dick got rock solid the moment that he saw a hot guy or felt him put his hand on his. Most of all though Oliver loved how his dick ached for his roommate Tim. Sometimes Tim would walk around the apartment with just a towel around his waist and Oliver fantasized about pulling off that towel and wrapping his lips around that fat cock but until a few days ago he had never dared.

As Oliver sat in his room and Tim walked in wearing nothing but a towel, Oliver couldn’t resist anymore and he yanked on that towel and pressed his lips against that sweet soft spot on Tim’s stomach. At first Tim seemed hesitant but as soon as he felt Oliver’s lips around his cock he stopped caring and concentrated on teasing those warm wet lips! As he fucked Oliver’s mouth he couldn’t believe how badly he wanted to cum inside those wet lips and it wasn’t long before he did!

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Linda Takes On Two Dicks!

November 29th, 2010

Real Drunken Girls

Linda is a kinky blonde teen who wasn’t actually too naughty until a few months ago when she got invited to a party. Linda had always been the studious type of girl despite the fact that she is smoking hot but when a guy that she had been hoping to go out with finally invited her to a party at his new apartment she knew that she had to break out of the mold and become a party girl. Linda was pretty nervous about going to her first real college party at his place but when she got there she found out that it was more of a get together with Greg and one of his friends.

Linda wasn’t sure about it when she walked in to the apartment and just found the two of them but she really wanted to get to know Greg a little more so she walked in. After a couple of drinks Linda started to feel more relaxed than anything and she even got up the guts to lean in and start kissing Greg but as she did Greg slipped his hand between her legs and Greg’s friend started to rub her titties and soon she couldn’t help but give over to complete pleasure!

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Robert and Julien Get Drunk and Horny!

November 28th, 2010

Real Drunken Boys

Robert and Julien had finally finished their end of term exams and it had been such a long couple of weeks that they just couldn’t wait to just let go and relax. Little did the two of them know that their night of relaxing after their exams was going to take such a weird turn though! Things began rather low key when Robert returned from his last exam and brought home a bottle of liquour. When Julien saw the liquour he knew that they were going to end up drinking each other under the table but he didn’t really care about anything other than the fact that exams were finally finished!

After half of the bottle of liquour was gone; however, Julien started to think that maybe he had overestimated his alcohol tolerance and he was pretty sure that he wasn’t going to be able to walk after one more drink. Just as he reached for one more drink though, Robert leaned over and rubbed his hand on Julien’s dick. He had never really thought about doing anything with another guy before but all the alcohol had loosened him up and he wanted nothing more than to slip that big dick between his lips!

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Julie Gets Her Pregnant Twat Pounded

November 27th, 2010

Pregnant Wishes

Ever since Julie got pregnant she hasn’t been able to concentrate on anything other than cock, she had never been a particularly horny woman but since she got pregnant all she has been able to think about has been dick! Even when she should be getting ready to move house all she wanted to do was sit back and watch the sexy moving men pack up her boxes and make her pussy wet. As it happened one of Julie’s moving men also had a thing for pregnant women and it became pretty obvious when he couldn’t take his eyes off Julie’s big plump titties!

Julie asked him to stay behind to help her pack up a few last things once all the other moving men had left but once the two of them were alone there was only one thing she wanted to do – unpack that monster cock and slide it deep inside her tight hole! When Raul asked her what she meant she laughed and told him thatshe wanted to fuck his fat juicy dick and she couldn’t wait to feel him inside her wet slit. That was all it took for Raul to strip down and start pounding that plump pussy!

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Jana Gets Fucked In Her Pantyhose

November 26th, 2010

Nylon Butterfly

Jana had been working with a masseuse for quite some time now, she had originally gone to him with a knot in her back but after a while she just kept going because she loved how his hands felt on her skin. Well after months of going to her masseuse she found out that he was no longer going to be working for the same company and she knew that she just couldn’t go without working with him so she asked if he would be willing to come to her house to give her a massage if she would pay him double the rate.

The first day that Marco came over to Jana’s place to give her a massage at home he had her lie on the bed because he still hadn’t bought his own massage table. As he stood there in the bedroom Jana started to strip off but when Marco saw her stripping in front of him he couldn’t tear his eyes off her sheer nylons and he asked if she would keep them on for the massage. Needless to say that massage ended up turning in to a total fuck fest!

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Katya Spreads Her Ass Cheeks

November 25th, 2010

Nubile Ones

Katya has always loved showing off for her boyfriends video camera but when he found out that there was a local film studio looking for girls who really wanted to show off for the camera he couldn’t help but share it with Katya. When Katya saw how excited her boyfriend was at the idea of her showing off for a complete stranger on camera she agreed to give it a shot if he would go and watch her showing off and teasing her tight wet pussy and flashing her perky titties!

When she got to the stage Katya felt a little bit nervous but when her boyfriend showed up behind the camera she started to relax a little bit more.  As that camera started to roll she slipped her dress down and showed off those titties and as her dress dropped to the floor she flashed a peek at that thong. She looked over at her boyfriend as his cock started getting hard and as soon as she saw that her twat started to get wet and she slid out of her panties and straddled her chair to flash her sweet secrets.

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Vicky Gets Her Wet Slit Teased

November 24th, 2010

New Porn Talents

Vicky has always wanted to be a model but not your average kind of model, no Vicky has always wanted to be a lingerie model and once she started in the lingerie business it wasn’t long before she was looking for more of a thrill. At first she was getting really turned on from strutting her stuff in front of the camera but soon she realized that she needed more of a thrill to get herself off and she decided that she was going to try out to be a porn star. She didn’t really care if she ever made it as big as some of the bigger stars out there but what she did care about was getting her fill of cock!

Vicky was pretty nervous when she first walked on to the set, sure she had made movies at home with her boyfriends before but she had never fucked a total stranger on camera before. At first she was pretty timid but as the shoot went on she found herself enjoying the feeling of a strang cock deep inside her tight hole. As she rode his fath throbbing dick she started to rub her clit until she couldn’t hold on anymore!

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Ruth Takes On Two Massive Dicks!

November 23rd, 2010

Moms Got Cream

Ruth is a real cock fiend but she’s certainly not your typical cock loving slut! Ruth is a mature babe who loves to keep a library of every single one of her encounters with cock and by now her library takes up an entire closet of her house. Ruth just loves to perform on camera though and the more she watches videos of herself fucking the hornier she gets and the more dick she seeks out! Ruth has a few favorites in her collection though and this has to be one of them, when she took on these two massive cocks at the same time!

Take a look at Ruth as she starts off just sucking one of these guys off and then she spreads her legs to get her puckered asshole fucked. Ruth loves to take dick in the ass because it always feels so good that it makes her cum almost instantly. As she is busy getting her tight ass pounded she gets her juicy titties teased by her other friend and it doesn’t take long before both of her fuck buddies are ready to cum all over her!

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Louise Gets Her Tight Ass Fucked

November 22nd, 2010

Moms Got Cream

Louise might be a mom but this mature babe knows her way around cock like you’ve never seen before, in fact she’s pretty popular around her neighborhood with all of the guys. It’s not only mature guys that Louise attracts though, often times she winds up teasing the twenty year old guys with her sexy body and those perfect titties! Louise just can’t get enough dick to tell the truth and she doesn’t particularly care whose dick it is as long as she gets just one of her holes filled!

Take a look at these videos of Louise as she wraps her lips around this lucky guys fat throbbing cock. It isn’t long before she has her legs spread and is begging to take that cock deep. As she spreads her legs thinking that she’s going to get that dick in her tight pussy she gets the shock of her life when she winds up taking that throbbing dick in her tight asshole instead! She doesn’t complain though, she just leans back and slides that cock even deeper in to her puckered asshole!

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Phillipa Takes On Three Dicks!

November 21st, 2010

MILF Wishes

Phillipa was on her way to the gym when he car broke down, she had no idea what to do since she was on a back road. She decided that the only thing to do was walk to the nearest gas station so she set out walking. As she took a short cut she caught sight of a house out in the back woods and decided she’d stop in there to see if anyone could help her get a jump start to get her car up and running. When she walked up to the front of the house though she caught sight of three guys sitting outside.

The guys told her that they thought they could help her but she looked like she was pretty cold so she should come inside for a warm drink first. When she got inside though she caught sight of the guys taking off their shirts and she had a better idea to keep warm. It wasn’t more than a few minutes before Phillipa was stripping off and showing off all of her sweet curves and driving those guys absolutely nuts! Phillipa couldn’t believe what she was doing but she was hungry for cock!

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