Randy Meets Up With Two Cross Dressers!

December 1st, 2010

Studs Fun

Randy has always had a thing for men dressed up in women’s clothes, he can’t help himself. When he sees a guy wearing nylons and tight shirts he can only think about rubbing his hand against their nylon covered cock. The trouble is that Randy lives in a pretty small town and he knows that if he even dared to bring a cross dresser over to his place he would be outed by everyone in the town. Soon enough though Randy couldn’t think of anything but hard dicks covered in nylon and he looked up a website that he’d heard was pretty good for finding adult friends and he arranged to meet up with two cross dressers over at a field behind the old barn.

Randy couldn’t wait but when the day finally rolled around his cock was hard just thinking about it and he couldn’t get there fast enough. When he finally walked out to the chosen spot he could already see the guys sitting there in their sexy outfits. Their soft nylons were irresistible and it didn’t take more than a few minutes for Randy to slide his hand up one of the guys skirts and rub that fat cock through the nylons!

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