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Chubby Candy Takes A Big Dick

December 15th, 2010

Chubby Go Bad

Candy has always been a chubby girl and she just loves to show off every curve of that chubby body to the guys! Candy knows that while there are guys out there that love the skinny girls, there are even more guys out there who love a girl with a little meat on her bones! Candy doesn’t just have meat on her bones though, candy likes meaty bones inside her tight wet hole as well! Come to think of it Candy likes fat cock in just about any hole she can think of and she’ll suck and fuck that throbbing cock until she can’t take it any more!

Just watch as Candy going to work on this stud’s fat cock! She starts off teasing him with a peek at her delicious wet slit but soon she is sliding that cock between her lips and she is sucking at that dick trying to milk every drop of cum out of it for her pleasure! Just take a good look as she sucks him to the breaking point and then spreads those legs and not only takes his cock in her tight slit but also in her puckered ass too!

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Newlyweds Mark And Kevin Get Down And Dirty!

December 14th, 2010

Boys Wedding

Mark and Kevin had been anxiously awaiting their wedding day for a while but when the wedding finally rolled around the two of them were so nervous that they had to take a few shots and down a beer before they could even think about walking down the aisle! The trouble was though that after a few drinks the two of them started to get horny and as the time slot for their wedding closed in all the two of them could think about was sucking and fucking each others fat cocks and soon that was just what they were doing!

Even though their wedding was quickly approaching it wasn’t the first thing on their minds anymore as Mark sat up on the desk in their hotel room and he spread those legs to show off his already throbbing cock. His dick just ached to feel Kevin’s lips around it and as he sat perched on the edge of that desk with Kevin starting to suck on that big dick he couldn’t help but start to fuck his mouth! He felt as though he could cum at any minute and as he grabbed the back of Kevin’s head and shoved his dick deeper he started to cum!

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Tight Twink Ass Fucking Action!

December 13th, 2010

Boys Collection

Cal and Giorgio have lived together for years but when it all comes down to it they still fuck like bunnies and they can’t keep their hands off each other! When a friend of theirs asked if they would consider posing for a website that he wanted to start the guys were intrigued and they told him that they would think about it and if he showed up later in the week for dinner they would give him an answer. Well later that week Anthony showed up with his camera in hand and he couldn’t wait to get started when Cal told him that they had talked about it and decided that posing for his website would be fun.

Dinner was postponed once that camera came out and Cal and Giorgio started to tease each other. At first the two of them were a little nervous but once Anthony told them what he wanted to see they couldn’t stop. As the guys started stroking their dicks in front of the camera it didn’t take long before they started to stroke each other’s fat cocks. Soon enough stroking wasn’t enough for those two and soon they were sucking and fucking each other like crazy!

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Donny Sucks A Huge Black Cock!

December 12th, 2010

Black Seducer

Donny had been living with Mike for a long time but he still had no idea that Mike had a crush on him. It wasn’t until a few weeks ago that Donny found out just how much Mike wanted to get his hands on him. As he took a drink before Donny got home and then took another one soon he found himself relaxing a little more than he had expected to and he wound up passing out on the bed. As he snored his way in to a deep sleep he didn’t even hear Mike get home.

Mike walked in to Donny’s bedroom to look in on him but he saw him laying on the bed sleeping and he couldn’t help himself. He walked over to him and couldn’t tear his eyes off that big cock and soon he rubbed his hand across Donny’s cock. Donny didn’t wake up at all and Mike decided that he was going to get some real action in as he whipped out his cock and slipped it between Donny’s lips. Donny took a few minutes to open his eyes but when he finally did he couldn’t help but start sucking on that fat throbbing cock!

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Randy Gets Caught In A Chocolate Orgy

December 11th, 2010

Black Machines

Randy had just taken a new job as a courier and to be honest he wasn’t really enjoying the job. He much preferred being around people and running around all day delivering packages was driving him nuts but he needed the money so he kept on working. One night a few weeks ago though Randy had to work late delivering a package but he ended up getting lost and knocked on someone elses door to see if he could get directions through the building. As soon as the door opened though he knew that he had walked in to something pretty kinky and he wasn’t quite sure how he was going to deal with it.

As Randy looked behind the door he saw two huge black guys sitting on the couch completely nude and the guy that had opened the door looked as though he was naked too. Randy couldn’t help but stare and when the guy caught him staring he invited him in, asking if he wanted to be the cream in their cookie! Randy just kept staring at those huge black cocks and soon he’d forgotten all about his delivery and he was on his knees staring at dick instead!

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Poolside Fucking Fun!

December 10th, 2010

BiSex Planet

Lindsay and her two best friends had met up at her place for a little party by the pool. Lindsay hadn’t had the pool long but she couldn’t wait to break it in and so she pulled out the barbeque and got some beer stocked up and invited the guys over. Lindsay had no idea that the guys had been fucking each other though but it didn’t take too many beers before she found out for herself! They all started off just drinking and hanging out by the water but soon enough the guys started to rub against each other and not long after that Lindsay turned around to find them making out.

Lindsay had to admit that the sight turned her on just a little bit. She wanted to jump in the middle of it all but she didn’t dare so she just watched them until finally she couldn’t help but slip her fingers in to her panties and start to tease that wet slit of hers. When the guys turned around and saw her they invited her to join in with the action and Lindsay wasn’t about to say no. Before any of them knew what was going on Lindsay was in the middle of a fucking sandwich!

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Lilly and Vana Get Slutty Together

December 9th, 2010

Bet On Lesbian Sex

Lilly and Vana had decided that they were going to have a sleepover. Lilly was supposed to be getting married the next day and her husband to be was out on his stag night doing what guys will do before they get married. The more she and Vana hung out at Vana’s house though, the more Lilly started to worry about what her new husband was getting up to on his last night of freedom. As the two babes slipped in to bed finally Vana told Lilly that she had the perfect way to help her relax and Lilly couldn’t wait because she knew that there was no way she was going to sleep!

Without telling her what she was doing, Vana slipped under the covers and spread Lillys legs apart. At first she just worked slowly, slipping her finger inside that pussy and then when she heard Lilly’s breath coming faster she moved her lips in. As she pressed her lips against that wet slit she felt Lilly push her pussy down on Vana’s face and she started to ride that tongue like nothing she had ever ridden before. She couldn’t believe that she had waited so long to be with another woman!

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Rob and Richard Get Hot And Horny!

December 8th, 2010

Bareback Mania

Rob and Richard had been toying with the idea of sex for a while. When they first met the two of them agreed that it would be better to take things slow and see where things went from there. They were both coming out of long term relationships and while they knew they wanted to be together they didn’t want to go too fast and ruin it before it’d begun. The longer they waited though the harder it became to resist each other. They ached for the feel of each other’s skin and even brushing against each other in the kitchen made them hornier than hell.

Then it happened. One night when the two of them lay down on the bed to watch a movie together Rob gave in. As he pushed Richard back on the bed and pressed his lips against Richard’s he ran his hand down over Richard’s throbbing dick. He didn’t even wait for the yes that he knew was coming and instead he unzipped those jeans and pulled out that throbbing dick. He couldn’t wait to slide that big dick deep in to his tight puckered asshole!

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Theresa Makes Her Fantasies Cum True

December 7th, 2010

Banged Moms

Theresa had always fantasized about getting caught in the middle of an orgy. Just the thought of getting her whole body drenched in cum made her pussy ache but somehow this mom got sucked in to domestic life and she was sure that she’d never again get the chance to live out her fantasy of being a total slut…that is until her son went to college and some new guys moved in to the apartment next door!

Theresa was sure that she was over the hill but when these guys came around to introduce themselves she couldn’t help but notice that they all seemed to have raging hard cocks and they couldn’t stop staring at her tits. After offering them something to drink Theresa soon found out that these guys loved mom pussy because they declined the drink and instead asked if they could taste her sweet slit instead! Theresa knew that she shouldn’t say yes but again her pussy was throbbing for the feel of strange dick and the more she thought about getting covered in jizz the wetter her pussy got! Soon Theresa just couldn’t take it anymore and she was spreading those legs wide!

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Taylor Sucks Two Dicks At Once

December 6th, 2010

Bad Cowboys

Taylor and his co-workers had never really taken to each other, as the new guy on the ranch Taylor wasn’t being welcomed very warmly. Taylor decided that he’d do anything that his co-workers asked him to for a few weeks to see if he could win them over to his side. Little did Taylor know that what his coworkers were going to ask him to do would be so odd. Things all got started one afternoon when Taylor’s co-workers asked him to come out to the orchard to help them move a tree that had fallen nd he thought nothing of it.

As Taylor approached the orchard he saw that there were no fallen trees; however, and as he looked around he saw only his two co-workers waiting for him with big smiles on their faces. Taylor remembered his promise to do anything they wanted but when one of them whipped out his dick Taylor really wasn’t sure what was going to come of it. He soon found out though when his co-worker asked him to start sucking on that fat dick! Taylor was strangely drawn in and he couldn’t help himself from wondering what that throbbing cock would taste like!

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